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Our office is committed to providing our patients with a better understanding of the relationship between the brain/central nervous system and cognitive/behavioral strengths and weaknesses. A neuropsychological evaluation is one of the methods of diagnosing neurodevelopment, neurodegenerative, and acquired disorders of brain function. It is a neurodiagnostic, consultive service, and not a mental health evaluation or treatment service.

A neuropsychological examination is clinically indicated and medically necessary when patients display signs and symptoms of intellectual compromise, memory deficits, language disorders, learning disorders, developmental disabilities, attention and focus problems, impairment of organization and planning, and/or perceptual abnormalities. Neuropsychological evaluations are important in determining and outlining both subtle and more severe neurocognitive deficits among patients with traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke and dementia.

Outlining strengths and weaknesses from a cognitive standpoint is important in guiding rehabilitation and clinical patient management, as well as in monitoring treatment response and progression of illness. Diagnosis of dementia is critical in the management of patients as well as in assisting caregivers in long term planning.