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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was I referred for a neuropsychological examination?
A. The goal of a neuropsychological assessment is to determine if any changes have occurred in your attention, memory, language, problem solving, or other cognitive functions. This evaluation may point to changes in brain function and suggest possible methods and treatments for rehabilitation.
2. What is a neuropsychologist?
A. A clinical neuropsychologist is a professional within the field of psychology with special expertise in the applied science of brain-behavior relationships. Clinical neuropsychologist use this knowledge in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and/or rehabilitation of patients across the lifespan with neurological, medical, neurodevelopmental and psychiatric conditions, as well as other cognitive and learning disorders. The neuropsychologist works to evaluate a patient’s neurocognitive, behavioral, and emotional strengths and weaknesses and their relationship to normal and abnormal central nervous system function. The neuropsychologist then uses this information to identify and diagnose neurobehavioral disorders and plan and implement intervention strategies.
3. What can expect during the evaluation?
A. Our examination time will start with an extensive interview where you will be asked questions about your background and current medical symptoms. The assessment itself will consist of game-like tasks and standardized tests related to your knowledge of certain topics, reading, drawing figures and shapes, listening to recorded tapes, viewing printed material, and manipulating objects.
4. How long will my assessment take?
A. Assessments may take several hours or more of face-to-face time and several additional hours for scoring, interpretation, report preparation, and a feedback session. Consultation with other medical professionals such as neurologists, neurosurgeons, pediatricians, psychiatrists, and radiologists is common. Most appointments are scheduled in 2-3 hour blocks in order to mitigate the effects of fatigue on the evaluation. When the examination itself is complete, we will schedule a feedback session with you and your loved ones to discuss the results of the evaluation.
5. Who will you give results to?
A. Information obtained during assessments is confidential and can ordinarily be released only with your written authorization. There are some special circumstances that can limit confidentiality, including: 1. A statement of intent to harm self or others; 2. Statements indicating harm or abuse of children or vulnerable adults; and 3. Issuance of a subpoena from a court of law.
6. Is a neuropsychological examination covered by my insurance?
A. Most major insurance carriers allow coverage for a neuropsychological examination. Some insurance companies limit them to one per calendar year. Our office is contracted with many insurance carriers, including Medicare; please contact our office for specific information on your insurance carrier.

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